Our Mission:

Spartan Two is dedicated to teaching and mentoring those who are interested in the safe and effective use of firearms for self-protection.


Spartan Two is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Paul and Tracy Sinclair. They are dedicated to the ideal that everyone has the right to self-protection and they have a passion to train and mentor anyone that has an interest to learn and train in order to strengthen that right.

This married team is uniquely suited to be able to provide training to anyone of any age, gender, race or orientation and all are welcome. (Of course clients must be of proper age to possess firearms and not have any criminal history issues that would exclude them from being able to possess a firearm.)

Spartan Two is different in that classes will be conducted in Paul and Tracy's home so students will feel comfortable. They are not interested in conducting the large "cattle call" size of classes. Classes are designed to be small (6 to 8 max) so that no one walks away without being trained or educated. We will be able to answer questions and discuss subject matter with more depth.  

Classes will include:

Oklahoma SDA Course
NRA Basic Pistol Phase II
Advanced Concealed Carry Concepts with Simulated Munitions Training
Individual Firearm Mentoring

Why "Spartan Two"? Simply put there are two Spartans here that believe in the warrior's code. Paul and Tracy believe in living a quiet, simple life style but are always ready and prepared for what may come and are always ready to defend themselves or their friends and family.

Oklahoma Self Defense Act/CCW Classes

Oklahoma Self Defense Act classes will be one full day. (8 hours, including range time).

The cost is $65.00 dollars. Cash, check or credit card. Lunch will be included.

Along with Oklahoma State statute there will be hands on pistol exercises and instruction in the fundamentals of pistol firing.

If you do not have your pistol yet you may borrow one of ours. We have .22 to .45 available.

ALL weapons will be inspected for safety. Any poorly maintained or malfunctioning weapons will be excluded from the range portion.

Fashion Tip: Please wear closed toe shoes and a crew neck style T-shirt for the shooting portion. 

(You'll thank me later!).

Hats are not a requirement.

Gloves are highly discouraged.

If you would like a downloadable copy of the SDA statutes please click the link below:

Simunition Training and Other Topics

Spartan Two will be offering simunition training in the near future. This is a great training aid and can be done anywhere, so we have decided to turn our own home into a simunition range. What better place to learn techniques of home defense than in an actual home? We will discusss (but not limited to) what is cover and what is concealment, how to "clear a room" and "pie the corners" We will supply the special weapons. You will not need to bring your firearm with you at all. The classes will be a flat rate which will include a 50 round box of simunition. You may purchase more if you wish.

Future Classes will include:

Force-On-Force simunition classes.

NRA Phase II Pistol Class

Advanced Concealed Carry Concepts with Simunition Training

Home Security and Defense

Concealed Carry Mistakes and how to avoid them

The Before, During and After a Self Defense Shooting Incident

Gun Cleaning Class

Individual Firearms Mentoring

If you care for some one-on-one training, we can help! Mentoring can include whatever the client wishes. From range instruction time to going with you to assist in picking out a pistol, all the way to carry options and holster selection.

This is an opportunity to up your skills. We can improve your reloading skills as well as malfunction clearances etc. to make you more comfortable carrying your weapon.

Mentoring will be charged at an hourly rate.

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