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Paul Sinclair



This picture was taken in the last seconds of a 33 year career in Law Enforcement. I've been in some sort of a police uniform since I was 15. OCPD Explorer Program/Bethany Police Department/Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office and 27 years with the Edmond Police Department. I've been 'toten a gun around all my adult life in defense of myself and my community. I have had the benefit of learning many advanced firearms related concepts and having being taught by some of the best, and using those skills in a very real life practical manner.


Professional development

NRA Range Safety Officer-NRA Certified Pistol Instructor- Certified Oklahoma SDA Instructor-30+ Years of Police Service



Tracy Sinclair

Owner-Instructor-Brains of the Outfit



NRA Certified Pistol Instructor - Certified Oklahoma SDA Instructor - Cops Wife




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